When you enroll in Avondale Dance Directions dance lessons in Jacksonville, FL, our experienced ballroom dance instructors will help you become a great dance partner. Through private dance lessons, group classes and practice parties, we’ll teach you how to dance comfortably and confidently.


Private lessons
Learn to dance at Avondale Dance Directions with your own dedicated dance instructor, your one-to-one dance lessons will provide you with an efficient and effective way to become an accomplished dancer. Your private lessons are customized to your individual interests and goals and are designed to enhance your knowledge of foot positions, dance steps, and leading and following skills. Advanced lessons impart styling and technique, such as the sexy sway of the rumba and the graceful glide of the waltz. Couples enrolled in private lessons receive two dance instructors.

Group classes
Avondale Dance Directions offers group classes almost every night of the week. These dance classes are taught by one instructor and offer an engaging way to pick up a new dance, discover additional steps, practice technique, and improve your leading and following.

Practice parties
At Avondale Dance Directions practice parties, you’ll meet new friends and dance with our studio members and dance instructors. These welcoming events – held several times each month – feature a wide variety of music and dance styles, making it easy for you to practice the dances on your program as well as try out the full suite of ballroom dances.

Special events
Throughout the year, Avondale Dance Directions also offers the opportunity to participate in professional/amateur competitions as well as “dancing nights on the town” at select Northeast Florida dance locations.

Wedding dance lessons
Have a pending wedding date and dreading the first dance? Not to worry! Avondale Dance Directions loves choreographing wedding dances and can help you be prepared for the big day!.

Happy Dancers...

"My husband and I love taking lessons here. It's something fun and instructional we can do together and you can keep learning more and more. I really like that they also have dance parties where you can try out your skills. We haven't made it too one yet but I love the concept. Great dance floor and everyone there is professional and friendly. Highly recommend."


Tara C

"Hands down one of the best dance studios in town! Great instruction, friendly staff and beautiful studio. If you ever wanted to learn to dance or already have a good foundation give them a try. Brittany Bines and her staff will take your dancing to the next level."


 Jerald. C

"This is a great studio! If you have ever wanted to learn to dance this is a great place to go. If you already know how to dance, Brittany hosts great dance parties. Give them a try- you will be glad you did."


 Joy. J

"The best dance instructors. Super nice place to dance. You'll have the best time ever."


 Zina. F

"A fun, wholesome and healthy entertainment! LOVE this place!"


 Janice. K

"Great people. Top-notch instructors. And so much fun!!!"


 Nick. M

"Love it!!! everybody is family and makes you feel welcome."


 Mary. P